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Peter has been married to his beloved Paula since early 2013 and together they have 5 children and 2 dogs.

Born in 1957 (and looking remarkably young for his age!) Peter has been a Christian since 1960 and a regular church-goer since then, fulfilling many church roles from youth leader, to worship leader, to church leader, to church planter.

After school and university he went into teaching and gradually moved into special education - supporting emotionally and behaviourally challenged young people. Having taken early retirement from KCC he was able to focus on a training role in behaviour management and safeguarding/child protection. This has allowed him the flexibility to become more involved in the activities of the church.

He is currently employed by the church, part-time, as "Church growth project manager".

Likes: Reading, photography, holidays and watching films with his wife

Dislikes: Sitting around doing nothing

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